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20th December 2015
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29th January 2016

Our new rug care kit

Captain Rug Wash Products

The new Captain Rug Wash after care kit is now available!

Kits contain Spot & Stain Remover and Odour Neutraliser including 2 x Spotting Cloths

Captain Rug Wash Natural Odour Neutraliser

Natural Odour Neutraliser is a blend of essential oils and perfume components which produce a pleasant odour and neutralises the effect of a wide range of offensive and unpleasant odours. Natural Odour Neutraliser does not function as a masking agent but when bought into contact with an odour, it will either neutralise the odour or convert it to a more acceptable scent.

Captain Rug Wash Spot and Stain Remover

An effective general mirco-splitting spot and stain remover that is non-soiling, leaves no sticky residues, will not bleach, is enzyme-free, odourless and non-flammable. Will not affect stain protections which may be present. Safe for all washable carpets and textiles.