Plymouth Persian Rug
Testimonial Of Captain Rug Wash Rug Cleaning Service In Plymouth, Plymouth Rug Cleaning
23rd October 2018

Review Of Captain Rug Wash, Carpet Cleaning Service In Plymouth.

Captain Rug Wash runs a carpet cleaning service in Plymouth. He has been a carpet cleaner working for the family business since 2001. The family business has been cleaning carpets since 1988.

Here is a review of his carpet cleaning service from one of his customers.

“I recently had my carpets cleaned in my commercial building. They had ground in dirt from many customers walking mud and rain in from the street. I was dubious that anything could be done but The Captain made them look like new again. They were almost fully dry as well before he left because of his fan system and the professional cleaner he has. I would not hesitate to recommend Andi to clean any carpet. Don’t get one of these cheap hire things or any company that uses them, they don’t clean properly. Get Andi and his professional kit to do a proper job.” – Paul Bushell


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