A tale of South West’s only Rug Cleaning Superhero:

captain rug wash Plymouth Rug CleaningCaptain Rug Wash was first spotted flying over the windy roads of Dartmoor. Although new evidence has come to light over the years that he has been spotted as far west as Penzance, and as far east as Bristol. Spotted in the early part of 2009, locals could not understand why he wondered around looking so sad and lost. A couple of brave locals approached him and asked him if he was okay. The only quick reply that came from Captain Rug Wash, was that of sadness and fear. The fear was for the future of rugs belonging to local people. Captain Rug Wash was saddened by fine rugs of the Westcountry being poorly cleaned by uneducated, uncaring rug cleaners who were ruining rugs on daily basis.

Captain Rug Wash told the local men, he had been sent from his homeland, a distant and magical place, a land full of beautiful rugs. A land where all the inhabitants were growing increasingly worried about the poor conditions and truly awful way rugs were being cleaned. He was sent out by his elders to find a rug cleaner who was cleaning rugs properly, professionally, passionately and thoroughly. His mission was to find this educated rug cleaner, he was not permitted to return until he had found such a person to work alongside them spreading the good news of the services the company provided.

He was searching the length and breadth of the Westcountry for many years, unsuccessful in his search, he was starting to give up on his mission. But just as he was thinking his sadness could not get any worse upon hearing more and more stories of people’s rugs being shrunk and ruined by uneducated cleaners, he was starting to overhear people talking about a rug cleaning company that was doing amazing work cleaning people’s rugs. So off he flew optimistic of what he would find.

Andi Hill, founder of Plymouth Rug Cleaning opened up the door to his rug cleaning headquarters one bright, sunny Monday morning almost tripping over this friendly looking fellow in an amazing Superhero suit, the fabric of quality Andi had never seen. A magical and enlightening glow seemed to radiate from him. Captain Rug Wash soon began to tell Andi about the magical land from which he came a land that was full of beautiful hand knotted rugs. Captain Rug Wash also told Andi about his mission, Andi was not overly surprised at the stories of poor cleaning conditions and techniques that rugs were being put through, that Captain Rug Wash had witnessed.

Upon seeing the great work that Plymouth Rug Cleaning were doing, Captain Rug Wash was soon seen flying around the Westcountry telling anyone who would listen and anyone who wanted their rugs cleaned about a company he was going to send them too. Where their rugs would be given the most amazing Spa treatment clean it had ever had.

If you listen very carefully and look up in the sky you will see Captain Rug Wash flying overhead helping people who have filthy rugs and no idea who they can trust to clean them. So if you ever see Captain Rug Wash make sure you follow him to Plymouth Rug Cleaning, where your rug will be treated to the most professional clean it has ever had. . . .