Professional cleaning of Persian, Afghan, Chinese, Turkish, Navajo, Kilims, Silks, Dhurries, Tibet, Indian and all modern rugs.

Hi, I’m Captain Rug Wash, and I’m the UK’s only rug cleaning Superhero. I am super passionate about providing my customers with a professional rug cleaning experience. You see, it’s not easy being a Superhero. I have 3 mini rug washing Superheros at home to deal with, and that’s before I get to the rug wash HQ.

I started Plymouth Rug Cleaning to help people. People who were tired of being let down by the untrained rug cleaning baddies, who were doing a poor job and even ruining people’s rugs. So I laced up my boots, donned my cape and came to the rescue of hundreds of rug owners.

You see, I have a very serious mission, I’m very passionate about rugs and how to clean them properly, so I became a Master Rug Cleaner (one of the first in the UK). I also became a Woolsafe Fibre Care Specialist, that simply means that this Superhero knows how to look after wool.

Every Superhero needs a sidekick right? Well I have a sidekick and it is one of the best things that I have to help me professionally care for your rug, his name is RUGBADGER. My RugBadger gently vibrates out up to 80% of all the dry soil from your rug.

Rugs love this! It’s like us having a deep tissue massage.

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