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11th September 2017
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just a few of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to rug cleaning.

How regularly should I get my rugs cleaned?

Rugs that don’t get a lot of foot traffic and are not walked on every day should be cleaned roughly every 2 years. Rugs that are in entrance ways, walk ways and areas with high traffic like the lounge or dining room should be cleaned annually.  In between regular professional cleaning, you should regularly vacuum your rugs. Again, depending on what rooms they are in depends on how regularly you vacuum them.

Can I have my rugs cleaned in my home?

In home cleaning of your rug, whether by a hired machine or a carpet cleaning company is un- recommended.  To clean a rug the professional and correct way involves using a big machine to get out all the dry soil then followed by a rug bath and rinsing system to fully clean a rug. This uses huge amounts of water. The rug then has to be dried, and to dry a rug quickly to avoid damage this has to be down in a drying room using airmovers and dehumidifiers. There is a very high risk that your rugs dyes will bleed, if they were to bleed in your home, the cleaner will ruin your rug and flooring.

Should I vacuum my rugs at home?

Yes this is very important to look after your rug. You should vacuum your rug weekly using a beater bar vacuum.  It is also a great practice that a few times annually you flip your rug over, so the pile of the rug is on the floor and you see the back. Vacuum the back, this will vibrate out more damaging dry soil from deep down in your rug. Be very careful when using the beater bar vacuum near the fringes.

If I want to store my rugs at home, what should I do?

If you are storing your rugs for a long period of time, six months or longer. You need to get them professionally cleaned and mothproofed. The rug needs to be wrapped in Tyvek or acid free paper. And they must be stored off the floor in case of flooding. Never place anything heavy on top of the rug, this can cause permanent damage.

I was told not all rugs can be wet cleaned?

Hand-knotted rugs have been wet cleaned for as long as they have been weaved.  Many tribal areas wash their rugs in the local rivers and streams. So when it comes to cleaning wool rugs, washing them with large amounts of water is the only way to rinse out all the cleaning solutions, dirt, soil and grease. That is why rugs need to be cleaned in a professional facility due to the amount of water used.

How does pet urine damage your rug?

Pet urine and vomit goes onto your rug hot and acidic. With the heat this causes rug dyes to bleed. It causes the urea in the urine to discolour the fibres yellow and the acidity sets all this damage in place. It is as if the rug has been re-dyed. The heat also causes the stain to penetrate the fibres and go into the inside of the rugs foundation fibres. Most rugs are woven on a cotton foundation. Each single strand of cotton fringe runs all the way through the rug to the opposite side. This cotton skeleton absorbs the pet urine and is very difficult to remove.

With rugs that have a latex backing the pet urine penetrates the latex and is locked into the adhesive. The odour cannot be completely removed from the latex backing.

What can I expect from your cleaning service?

Your rug will undergo a full inspection to establish any damage to the rug and its foundation and dyes. The rugs are then cleaned with our cleaning solution to remove as much odour soil and staining as possible. Unfortunately some stains, Mainly pet stains are permanent. The fringes are cleaned to remove all dirt. The rug is then hung up to dry. If it’s been advised and agreed with the client the rug will then have a moth protection or stain protection added. Once the rug is dried it is given a final vacuum and inspection, before being delivered back.

My rug moves on the floor, what can I do to stop it moving?

Here at Plymouth Rug Cleaning we can supply you with a product that sits underneath your rug. It’s called rug pad and it helps cushion the rug from foot traffic. It also stops the rug from moving on your flooring. Rug pad works on stone, wood and carpets. Click here to learn more

What cleaning product should I buy to keep my rug stain free in between professional cleans?

You can buy your very own Captain Rug Wash cleaning products. You can buy the following products. Eco Stain Remover. Stain Remover. Tile and Grout Cleaner. Leather Cleaner and an Odour Neutraliser. Click here to  learn more